About Us

NOOR: The Divine Light

The ray of light which makes it’s surrounding more beautiful and incredible.

At NOOR, we create pieces which are timeless and unique. Our work speaks distinctively of India and its heritage – it tells unheard and forgotten stories from the past, which remain relevant and continue to define our values. Honesty and purity lie at the heart of everything we do.

We have always drawn inspiration from the rich history of craftsmanship in Jaipur. Through trusted relationships with local craftsman, we’re able to combine modern design with traditional quality and techniques. Our pieces are designed to last, remain very affordable and accessible. NOOR makes an ordinary look extraordinary.

From where it started…

My first memories of interacting with jewellery are the long evenings I spent as a kid at my father’s 10x20ft shop in the busy streets of Johari Bazaar. I accompanied him to various factories and workshops where the jewellery was produced – the processes of moulding metals, carving intricate patterns, applying the final coating were very interesting to me. I remember pestering the artisans with an endless stream of questions and suggestions, to the extent that, at times, they would ask me to leave them alone with their work!

The routine of jewellery making was embedded in my imagination very early and I loved every part of the process, and the aesthetics, you can say were kind of injected into my soul and blood. Growing up, I saw my mother and grandmother wear beautiful pieces of silver jewellery on festivals and other occasions. Their taste was simple and classic which can never grow old. It was kind of difficult to not be inclined towards this timeless craft of jewellery making. 

History was the major subject in my schooling days, it kept me rooted to the past especially to the Mughal Period. It gave me an endless inspiration and inclination towards jewellery and this versatile metal “Silver”. When women and girls dress up or even in their daily routine, I believe they should have the freedom to feel a sense of royalty and satisfaction, I find motivation in providing this sense of freedom through my work and all our jewellery is an embodiment of that sensibility.


Rich with history

Looking into the future…

At Noor, we have always tried to bring a change; either through our designing or our behavior. We aim to make this world a better place to live in. We want people to feel warm and welcomed whenever they interact with us. NOOR is about people and their experiences and stories. It’s about what’s gone in the past and what the future beholds for us.

The Foundation…

Whenever someone thinks about stories, we want them to think about NOOR. Set amidst the heart of the main city of Jaipur, NOOR has witnessed and heard numerous funny and heart-touching episodes whether they are from its artisans, customers or just passer-by. These stories and the trust in them has formed the foundation of this brand. NOOR is and will always be by the people, for the people and from the people.