5 Reasons Silver Jewellery Is A Must-Have In Your Collection!

If you’ve been looking for a stunning piece of jewellery but don’t know where to invest your money, look no further! Noor Silver Jewellery nestled in the heart of the Pink City will have you spoilt for choice!

Our beautiful handcrafted jewellery draws inspiration from the busy bylanes of Jaipur all around our store as well as from our founder’s own interpretation of classic, statement jewellery she has seen her mother and grandmother wear and treasure over the years.

While gold has been a favourite in our country since time immemorial, sterling silver jewellery has also reserved its rightful place in the minds and jewellery collections more recently.

Let us take you through a few of the many reasons that silver jewellery has become a must-have:

It’s incredibly versatile!
Sterling silver lends itself beautifully to all kinds of designs, making it the ideal base metal for anything from heavy pieces to minimalist daily wear trinkets. A range of pieces can be custom designed and you never have to worry about sterling silver clashing with any pre-existing pieces of jewellery you may have since it lends itself so well to most coloured stones and polishes.

It will last you a lifetime!
Sterling silver is the ideal metal for most jewellery because of the presence of an additional metal like copper along with 92.5% silver to strengthen it. This makes the jewellery resistant to scratches, dent and even tarnishing (when cared for correctly).

Keep up with latest trends!
Sterling silver jewellery will become your go-to with continuously changing fashion and trends. Any design – modern or traditional – can be created with equal ease. If you want to add semi-precious stones for a more fun look or to make it the base for your expensive sets, sterling silver does not disappoint.

It’s so easy to maintain!
Silver jewellery is incredibly easy to maintain. In fact, wearing your silver jewellery regularly will help prevent tarnishing thanks to the oils secreted by our skin. Even if it does end up looking dull, it can be cleaned easily at any jewellery store or even at home with simple varnish and a microfibre cloth.

It is affordable!
With gold becoming increasingly unattainable, many people are turning to silver jewellery as their preferred base metal. An extremely cost-effective alternative, sterling silver rings, bangles, bracelets, nose pins, necklaces and anklets have become extremely popular, especially with a younger demographic who want to keep up with the changing trends.

Timeless elegance with a splash of fun and style is something we, at Noor, pride ourselves on! Our collection has been designed specially to cater to each and every one of our clients’ tastes and preferences, whatever they may be!

Visit the store to pick out just the perfect silver jewellery piece to add to your collection.

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